Sky Comfort

Sky Comfort
Sky Comfort

"Sky Comfort" is a member of the company "Wealth Management".

 The main directions of "Sky Comfort" are:

 Repair, design and interior design.

The company's services are multifaceted and offer all kinds of work, from the black frame condition to the white frame condition full renovation. between them:

• Power up the electrical system

• Water-sewage pipes

• An arrangement of ceilings

• Central heating systems

• Balcony

• Wall processing

• Grab the wallpaper

• The complete covering of bathroom and kitchen

• An arrangement of laminate flooring

• Central heating systems

“Sky comfort” uses of high-quality European standards for repair work

• Laminated tile

• The floor ceramic tile

• Wall ceramic tile

• The walls and ceil are processed with a high-quality elastic strain of triple layer

• Manufacture of cement flushing tapes.

For heating and water-sewage systems, the company uses glass-pipe plastic tubes.

We use ceramic tiles processed with laser technology for the kitchen and bathroom, which results in the maximum accuracy of the transmitter.

Qualified worker services provide quality work.